Four weeks of artist talks, screenings, and performances
...and some ping-pong in between

October 19 – November 16, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 6-8pm
York Chang: Always Be Closing

Referencing a key scene in the David Mamet play "Glengarry Glen Ross," York Chang recruits a nine-year old entrepreneur to run a concession stand inside the gallery and requires him to meet a draconian quota for sales. 

Saturday, October 26, 4pm
Dorit Cypis & Peter Wu: "Can 'i' Be Dropped From History?"
What are some considerations on authorship, identity, history, and dialogue when individual artists work in response to one another? Artists Dorit Cypis and Peter Wu will discuss this question moderated by curator and art historian Claire de Dobay Rifelj. Videos of the artist's collaboration will be on view during the panel. 

Thursday, November 7, 7pm
Dear Comrade
Written and directed by CalArts faculty member Mady Schutzman, "Dear Comrade" is an experimental essay film that documents the story of Llano del Rio (1914-18), the most important non-religious communitarian experiment in western American history. Llano is offered as a site to explore the struggles, courage, frustrations, fantasies, and Sisyphean efforts of innumerable idealists who have assumed comparable struggles in spite of tremendous odds. The story is told through archival footage, surreal re-enactments, interviews with ex-colonists, local residents and historians, and the meanderings of a silent nomad through the ruins of the Llano colony in the Mojave Desert. Through the intersection of stories, a seemingly traditional documentary morphs into a montage of parallel universes, political commentary, clownery, and a palpable desire—failings and disappointments notwithstanding—to give idealism and cooperation another try. Karyl Newman and Cindy Rehm will present their research on the colony and join the filmmaker in a question and answer segment following the screening. 

Friday, November 8 - Sunday, November 10
Christy Roberts: The Center for Strategic Meditation and Fucking Shit Up
During "The Center for Strategic Meditation and Fucking Shit Up" Christy Roberts will screen films relating to either spirituality or political uprisings from November 8th-10th. During a three-day period, Roberts will live in the gallery on water and one loaf of bread and remain silent throughout the duration. Visitors will have 24 hr access to Roberts through gallery hours, appointments, private invitations, and a live feed.

Saturday, November 16, 7pm
Paul Pescador: Yellow and Turquoise
"Yellow and Turquoise" is a two-hour durational performance by Paul Pescador, in which he will re-enact personal moments and relationships through the use of two colors.