January 12 - February 16, 2013

Mia Goyette, Fountain of Youth (Full Spectrum), 2012. Courtesy CEO Gallery, Berlin. 

“We recognize something in how one stroke of the brush brushes up against another stroke of the brush; how one note moves towards and away from the next in an astounding sequence; how one word attaches itself to another and to another to another until something that has to do with all the words separately – the history of their meanings – gathers into a nexus which allows us, which invites us, to experience something like the meaning of meaning. It is the nature of meaning, like the nature of reality, and the nature of truth, to be unfixed by temporal/spatial constraints, so that persons in and of any age may participate in their re/construction.”

- from Ann Lauterbach’s The Night Sky: Writings on the Poetics of Experience, page 56.

Greene Exhibitions is proud to announce a group show featuring the work of Mia Goyette, Siobhan Liddell, Jo Nigoghossian, and Nathlie Provosty. Amongst the artists participating in the show, there is a shared visual strategy to include in finished pieces vast areas that refuse explicit information:

radiant, unmasked fields

These fields are not idle. They do not only create breathing room or balance. Nor do they simply function to call attention to more recognizable forms. These particular visual and physical spaces are open palms – invitational gestures allowing another’s gaze to enter the image or the object. Such gestures have respect for and trust in the onlooker, establishing a mutual relationship that is neither didactic nor premeditated. These fields provide space for conversation that unfolds slowly, strengthening as it expands. Vulnerable to interpretation, the life of these spaces is therefore quietly but radically active.