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March 8 - April 18, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 8, 11am - 2pm

Greene Exhibitions is pleased to announce Apogee, the first solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based sculptor India Lawrence. An opening reception for the artist will be held on Sunday, March 8 from 11 am to 2 pm, and the exhibition will run through April 18.

Apogee can be defined as both the highest point in an arc and the point at which the moon’s orbit is furthest from the Earth. The work on display represents the reach towards a higher point in Lawrence’s thought, practice, and process. They are alternately concise, discreet gestures and grandiose, delightfully overwrought studies in color and texture. While much of the work references celestial bodies, the thrust of it remains tethered to the earth through her recurring use of feet as a grounding force. In this sense, many of the pieces are thematic apogees unto themselves—simultaneously referencing the heavens and the earth, and the forces that bind them together.

Lawrence is democratic in her influences, developing her visual vocabulary from sources high and low: Karla Black and Elmer Batters, early Technicolor movies and fetish magazines, fashion and the Cosmos. The resulting work forms a new and uncanny world built of familiar parts. In staging the sculptures primarily on the floor, the artist literally places the work at our feet, an act at once submissive and assertive. The fact that the pieces are created from materials intended for fetish, drag, and burlesque clothing—draped fabric, latex, furs, feathers, glitter, shoes—only furthers the sexually subversive undertones of the installation.

Using fabric as the foundation for most of her work, Lawrence dresses a body not present. Each piece in the show implies and evokes an absent figure that could pick up and walk away at any moment. By eschewing figurative depiction, the anthropomorphic shapes allow for mystery, ambiguity, and narrative. In one piece, the silhouette of two feet standing quietly beneath a faux fur circle suspended from the ceiling appear to have teleported from the heavens, leaving mirrored silhouettes in the circle’s surface. How did this come to be? Where are the feet going? What is their motive? These works do not present an answer, but rather pose a series of open-ended questions. With Apogee, Lawrence meets her audience halfway, offering up a playful and joyous constellation of objects as an entry point into her universe.

India Lawrence (b. 1988, London, England) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She received her B.A. from Bard College and attended the Yale Norfolk School of Art. She has participated in exhibitions at Greene Exhibitions (Los Angeles, CA), Grand Century (New York, NY), Secret Recipe (Los Angeles, CA), Roberts &Tilton (Los Angeles, CA), and Tilton Gallery (New York, NY). A solo exhibition at Ginerva Gambino (Cologne, Germany) is forthcoming.

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